Tom Brady Uses Naughty Language

That lady has a mouth on her. Hot. Continue Reading →

Replacement Ref Scores Winning Touchdown in Ravens-Patriots Game

Frustration with the NFL's replacement officials reached a fever pitch Sunday night when referee Carl Howard accidentally got in the way of a Joe Flacco pass in the end zone. ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Cool to the Max “Sunday Night Football” Photo

He’s been spending too much time with Rob Gronkowski. Continue Reading →

Worst Tattoo Ever is a New England Patriots Tattoo

Pro Tip: Don’t do rough drafts with tattoo needles on people’s skin. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Spike Fail

It's hard to hold onto the ball when your hands are covered in lube. Continue Reading →

NFL Players Now Openly Mocking Replacement Refs

Don't pick on a scab. Continue Reading →

Kickers Don’t Have Much to Adjust

They’re small everywhere. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Announces He’s Playing Shirtless This Season

New England Patriots tight end and bro's bro Rob Gronkowski announced today he intends to play the upcoming season without his jersey or any pads above the waist. "I've ... Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick Offers to Torture NFL Refs Until They Accept League Contract Offer

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this morning and offered to help him end the contract stalemate between the NFL and its referees. "Maybe, ... Continue Reading →

Bill O’Brien Planning to Just Show Up at the First Patriots Practice

Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien says he plans to show up at the first day of New England Patriots training camp on July 26th in hopes he can have his old job back. "Obviously, ... Continue Reading →

Transcript: Robert Kraft Tells Rob Gronkowski to Tone it Down

Robert Kraft's office at Gillette Stadium. There is a knock at the door. [[[chat]]] Kraft: Come in. Gronkowski: Sup, B-Kraf. Good to see you, my man. Kraft: Hey, Rob. Good to ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Amazed That Virgins Still Exist

Gronkowski had sex at 9 and got his first VD at 10. Because he's cool. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Says He Likes Having S-E-X SEX!

Report: Tom Brady also likes boobies. Continue Reading →

Recent Sports History … As Viewed by a Stereotypical Boston Fan

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Tom Brady is Not from Boston

Tom Brady's Wicked Accent from Tom Brady Yeah, a guy would get beaten up with that hairdo in Boston. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Father: "I would be very hesitant to let my son out of the house dressed like that"

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Tom Brady's father said he would be very hesitant to let his son play football if he knew then what is coming out about concussions. ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Public Embarrassment Tour Continues

Each time you think he’s hit bottom, he gets and even worse stylist. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Latest Sartorial Embarrassment

Postseasons and offseasons are the times he likes to humiliate himself the most. Continue Reading →