Photo Gallery: The Most Embarrassing Tom Brady Photos

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VIDEO: Tom Brady’s Latest Dumb Ad for UGGs Lady Boots

Somewhere for Tom Brady it all stopped being about winning championships and became about fashionable women’s footwear. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: PGA Golfer Matt Every Has Tim Tebow’s Name and Number on His Bag Because Who Knows Why

Maybe Tim Tebow has Matt Every on his clipboard. Continue Reading →
Belichick csnne

Bill Belichick Apologizes to Wes Welker: “I would have been nicer if I knew he was such a sensitive pussy”

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said today he wants to “sincerely apologize” if he did anything during Wes Welker’s six years with the team that hurt ... Continue Reading →

Player Postcards from NFL Training Camps

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The 2013 Aaron Hernandez Projections from 7 Fantasy Football Magazines

Sporting News Fantasy Source Highlights:  ” … Aaron Hernandez provided plenty of fodder for the New England Journal of Medicine …” “… The Patriots ... Continue Reading →

“Sports Shouting” Takes on Bill Belichick and Aaron Hernandez

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Aaron Hernandez Finally Admits That Urban Meyer Killed All Those Guys

Former New England Patriots and Florida Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez admitted to prosecutors in Rhode Island today that Urban Meyer, his former Gators head coach, is really the ... Continue Reading →

Aaron Hernandez: Role Model

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player He has inspired many to stay away from Aaron Hernandez. Continue Reading →

Patriots Fans Hoping Murdered Guy Doesn’t Mess Up Their Season

And let's not even consider the horrible fantasy football implications. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Has Preemptive Surgery On Four Remaining Healthy Body Parts

by Ross Snow New England Patriots oft-injured tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent yet another surgery on Tuesday, this time on his ailing back, and while under, opted to have preemptive ... Continue Reading →

Robert Kraft Agrees to Give Vladimir Putin Tim Tebow in Exchange for Super Bowl Ring

An growing diplomatic incident between American football team owner Robert Kraft and Russian president Vladimir Putin was resolved today when the Kraft agreed to give Putin backup ... Continue Reading →

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks – by your friend Steve

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks by your friend Steve You gotta be kidding me? The Patriots signed Tebow? Is this some kind of joke? ... Continue Reading →
Divisional Playoffs - Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

Tim Tebow To Sign With Patriots, Pending Physical And Confirmation This Isn’t A F–king Joke

by Ross Snow League sources confirmed Monday afternoon that quarterback Tim Tebow has been signed by the New England Patriots, pending the quarterback's successful completion ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Shrieks with Delight Just as You Thought He Would

The celebration was unfortunately abandoned when he spotted a spider. EEEEEEEEK! Continue Reading →

Patriots Fan Air-Humps During NFL Draft

Apparently he's still happy about the Tom Brady pick Continue Reading →

American Sports Fans to Resume Hating Boston Teams in 36 Hours

Boston's sports teams were informed today that they will receive the support and cheers of America's sports fans for 36 more hours in the wake of the apprehension of the ... Continue Reading →

Ex-Pats LB Ted Johnson Says Vince Wilfork’s Wife is Ugly

Well there goes here dream of hooking up with Ted Johnson. Continue Reading →