PICTURE: Rob Gronkowski’s Unfortunate Aaron Hernandez Tweet of 2011

Gronk has been the mastermind all along! Well, him along with Urban Meyer, of course. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Photographer Fight Over Peyton Manning-Tom Brady Shot

That guy ruined what would have been the only picture in history of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold Tom Brady Attempting to “Tackle” Von Miller

Tom Brady: international male model.  Continue Reading →

Patriots Activate Microchip in Wes Welker’s Brain that Will Cause Him to Kill Peyton Manning with a Hammer

The New England Patriots are set to take on Peyton Manning in another primetime matchup Sunday night, but it’s very unlikely Manning will take the field with the Denver Broncos ... Continue Reading →

14 Things to Know About Brady-Manning XIV

I. Seriously? We’re doing Roman numerals for this thing now? Ugh. II. I mean, everyone realizes that of the past eight Super Bowls, these guys have won a combined total of one ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots Laugh at the Red Sox for Being Tiny

Fun Fact: Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Tom Brady Dressed as the Cowardly Lion for Halloween

I guess if you’re going to be humiliated, having a supermodel do it to you is the way to go. Continue Reading →

AUDIO: Patriots Radio Guy Really Enjoyed Tom Brady’s Game-Winning TD Pass

Brady is back? But … but … we were told he was as good as ever? Now I’m confused.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Julian Edelman Doesn’t Want to Give Tom Brady a High-Five

It’s probably because Brady’s hands are covered in scented lotion.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Tom Brady Follows Up Loss to Bengals with Loss in Postgame Attire

That is the UGG boots of clothing. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Bill Belchick’s Greatest Press Conference Ever is Very “Inactive”

Bill Belichick’s personal warmth is also inactive, but will likely be ruled out for the season. Continue Reading →
amendola fansided

Danny Amendola Passes Away from Groin Strain

New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola has passed away after his groin strain worsened, the team confirmed today. The oft-injured Amendola was originally listed as “doubtful” ... Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: The Most Embarrassing Tom Brady Photos

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