Report: Nebraska’s Bo Pelini Buyout Includes $17.3 Million Accrued in Swear Jar

In addition to the $7.7 million Nebraska owes Bo Pelini for firing him with four years left on his contract, it was reported today that the university also owes the coach the total ... Continue Reading →
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More of Bo Pelini’s Opinions on Nebraska

SportsPickle has come into possession of various tapes in which Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini spoke about noted Nebraska icons, apparently thinking no one was recording his rants. WARNING: ... Continue Reading →

South Carolina Likes Big Hits More Than Kids with Cancer

Maybe it’s time for them to secede again. And Hawaii’s statehood is revoked, too. Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Boasts of Its Poop vs. Nebraska

Take that, Nebraska? Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

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Domino’s in Wyoming Charges Visiting Nebraska Fans $57.99 for Pizza

Considering how much land there is in Wyoming, that just covers delivery charges. Continue Reading →

Chubby from "Teen Wolf" Plays for Nebraska Now

I heard Mick plays for Kansas. Continue Reading →

Taylor Martinez Knows if Bo Pelini Uses Mouthwash

If he's smart, Martinez held his breath. Continue Reading →

Nebraska Player Receives On-Field Colorectal Exam from Texas A&M Opponent

I wonder if his insurance will cover that. Continue Reading →

Which undefeated college football team will be the next to lose?

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Former Heisman winner Eric Crouch is now an analyst for Versus and a hedgehog.

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Controversial Eric Crouch Ad Set to Air During Pro Bowl

Former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch is slated to appear in a high-profile commercial during the Pro Bowl, but the spot is generating significant controversy. "No one wants ... Continue Reading →