Nick Saban Admits He is Enjoying Seeing Alabama Fans Suffer

Despite being a heavy favorite in the Sugar Bowl, the Alabama Crimson Tide was dominated by Oklahoma Thursday night, losing 45-31 — the two-time defending national champion’s ... Continue Reading →

Application for Penn State Head Football Coach Job

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The Funniest Sports Media Moments and Failures of 2013

January Ed Werder opts for Andy Reid fat joke on SportsCenter … - – - – - Minnesota reporter lady gets run over on live TV … - – - – - Lou Holtz ... Continue Reading →

The Best Sports Faces of 2013

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baby baby with gun

PICTURE: Bama Baby with a Gun

Bama Gun Baby is the future president of Merica. Continue Reading →

If the Christmas Story Was About a Highly-Touted Recruit

Luke 2: 1-18 1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Are You Going to Watch This Bowl Game?

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The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2013

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Steve-Spurrier-exercise-ball (1)

VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Humping an Exercise Ball – The Workout!

It’s none of our business what a man does with his exercise ball in a private gym. Continue Reading →

Application for Texas Longhorns Head Football Coach Job

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The 13 Least-Googled Sports Terms of 2013

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VIDEO: This is How They Train Their Young Sons for Football in the South

Cowboys or Texans? I don’t understand the question. Continue Reading →

Real Upworthy Headlines Adapted for Sports … That You Simply Won’t Believe!

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