VIDEO: “Red Lightning,” Unofficial Ginger Mascot of Florida State Football

He is the hero that gingers need. But is he the hero that gingers deserve? Continue Reading →
manziel BI

Johnny Manziel No-Shows at 21st Birthday Party After Getting Engrossed in David Foster Wallace Novel

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had planned to go out with friends to celebrate his 21st birthday Thursday night, but the Heisman-winning quarterback never made it to any of ... Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: NBC Sports Radio Had the Hottest Take on Jameis Winson Not Getting Charged with Sexual Assault

  Zing! They found it to be a B(C)S charge! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Alternative Alabama-Auburn Radio Call

I wonder who won in overtime. Continue Reading →
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Urban Meyer: “Ohio State has beaten eight teams ranked in the Big Ten Top 12″

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer continued to make the case today that his team deserves to play in the BCS title game next month above Florida State and the SEC title game winner. “We ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Texas Fan Carves His Tree Into “Hook ‘em Horns” Hand

It was this or attack Mack Brown with a chainsaw. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Alabama Fan Leaves Auburn Fan Waiter a Very Bama Tip

Nick Saban’s handwriting is pretty girly. Continue Reading →

8 Sports Things You Can Really Buy Online

Tim Tebow Pillar Candle Perfect for the sports media person with a Tim Tebow shrine. Buy one on Etsy for $4.50. Potty Putter Invite your golf buddies over to take a dump together! ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Bama Boy is Very Shocked About Last-Second Loss to Auburn

  His parents will have to pay for a psychologist now.  Continue Reading →

November’s Funniest Sports Photos

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VIDEO: Ohio State’s Marcus Hall Gives Michigan Crowd the Finger After Getting Ejected

THE Double Finger Salute. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Les Miles Shares His Thanksgiving Food Tastes

No grass in that final bite? Continue Reading →

50 Sports Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

1. Manning Face   2. Nick Saban hating everything   3. Bill Belichick press conferences   4. fat guy touchdowns   5. fat guy baseball players   6. the Houston ... Continue Reading →