VIDEO: Iowa State Fans Flop When Marcus Smart Gets Introduced

This is what college is about. Give all of these kids a degree immediately.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Kentucky Basketball “Pursuit of Perfection” T-Shirts are On Sale for $1.99

That’s almost 25-cents for each of their eight losses. Seems like a ripoff. Continue Reading →

NCAA Teams Gather for Viewing Parties to See Joe Lunardi’s 16th Bracket Projection of the Season

NCAA basketball teams across the country gathered in front of televisions today to see the latest unveiling of bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s seeding projections for the NCAA tournament. ... Continue Reading →

Class Requirements for the Bracketology Major

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PICTURE: Please Do Not Yell “Roll Tide!” in the Alabama Library

Well, good luck getting anyone to go to your library. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: San Diego State Bench Has Never Seen a Three-Pointer Before

Wait until they see a dunk. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: San Diego Fan Loves Kok

Don’t get the wrong idea. She’s just turned on by a high shooting percentage from the floor. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: John Calipari’s Face is Very Confused

He also makes that face when he is stripped of Final Four appearances. Continue Reading →

16 Photos of Kate Upton Sort of Related to Sports, Thereby TOTALLY Justifying Them Being on a Sports Site

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8 Lines That Would Have Completely Changed Famous Sports Movies

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PICTURE: Kentucky Residents Are Very Judgmental

So John Calipari, Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino = good? But college kids being excited about a win = bad? Got it. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: USC Freshman Nikola Jovanovic is 114 Years-Old

A 114 year-old freshman. He must have flunked a few grades. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Sports Media Moments and Failures of 2013

January Ed Werder opts for Andy Reid fat joke on SportsCenter … – – – – – Minnesota reporter lady gets run over on live TV … – – ... Continue Reading →

The Best Sports Faces of 2013

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The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2013

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PICTURE: Utah Fans Fairly Complimentary with Their BYU Taunting

Thank you? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ohio State’s Amir Williams Could Use Some Media Training

Care to confirm, Coach Matta?  Continue Reading →

8 Sports Things You Can Really Buy Online

Tim Tebow Pillar Candle Perfect for the sports media person with a Tim Tebow shrine. Buy one on Etsy for $4.50. Potty Putter Invite your golf buddies over to take a dump together! ... Continue Reading →