Flowchart: Which NCAA Tournament Underdog Should You Root For?

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Guy You Haven’t Talked to Since Fantasy Football Season Asks if You Want to be in His NCAA Tourney Pool

Your friend who you haven’t heard from since fantasy football season asked you today to sign up for his NCAA Tournament pool. “Friend? Is he my friend? I’m not sure,” ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Arkansas State Basketball Fan Has the Most March Madness

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2014 SportsPickle FAIL Bracket Challenge – UPDATED with Prize Info!

It’s back! As always, the worst bracket wins. Got it? The worst bracket wins. The worst bracket: it wins. The worst bracket wins. Sign up HERE. UPDATE! Here is the prize information. ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Arizona Sportscaster Trips and Falls While Trying to Run Into Arena to See Wildcats

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VIDEO: Dunking on a Trampoline Launches Person to Failure

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VIDEO: The Accidental College Basketball Assist of the Year

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Quiz: 10 College Basketball Team Résumés

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PICTURE: Tom Crean Realizes the Full Horror of Indiana’s 2013-2014 Season

  There’s no way to unsee the decline of Indiana basketball.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Idiot Kentucky Fan Gets 2014 National Championship Tattoo

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Unofficial Slogans for Every College Basketball Conference

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Should You Retire from Sports Fandom?

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PICTURE: The Worst Moment in Duke Basketball History, Starring Jason Garrett and Tony Romo

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