8 Great Moments in Sports Fan Back Hair

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Danica Patrick Arm Tattoo

He also has Freddy Adu, Anna Kournikova and Michelle Wie tattoos. Continue Reading →

Hair-Pulling in NASCAR

They're just preparing for Danica Patrick's arrival. Continue Reading →

Athlete Bumper Stickers

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July’s 12 Funniest Sports Videos

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NASCAR Preacher Prayer … REMIX!!!

This will sweep next year's CMA Awards. Continue Reading →

NASCAR Prayer Gives Thanks for Sponsors and Hot Chicks

"Dear God, and by God I mean Dale, Sr. …" Continue Reading →

NASCAR Fan’s Pickup Truck "Hillbilly Hot Tub"

Bath. Hot tub. Same thing. Continue Reading →

The Most Hated Athlete: Voting Results

After 242,441 votes from more than 50 athlete options, here is who you determined to be the 25 Most Hated Athletes in history. – – – – – Continue Reading →

NASCAR Fan Wearing Daisy Dukes

No (male) NASCAR fan should exhibit his love of Dukes Of Hazzard this way. Continue Reading →

Get Your NASCAR Coffin!

Who says you have to die in style? Continue Reading →

Shirtless Steve Spurrier At A NASCAR Event

A real fan would have Dale’s number shaved into his chest hair. Continue Reading →

7 Athletes Who Unfortunately Released Their Own Scents

"Unbreakable" — by Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian "There's something sexy about a couple sharing a scent," says Khloe Kardashian in the opening of the ... Continue Reading →
Shaquille O'Neal

New Year’s Resolutions from Some of Your Favorite Athletes

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8 Holiday Symbols and Their Sports Equivalents

Greg Oden = Christmas Tree Like Greg Oden, the Christmas tree starts the season tall, strong and full of promise. But before long, they're both decaying in front of your eyes ... Continue Reading →

Jimmie Johnson Thanks Jesus for NASCAR Title After Inking Sponsorship Deal With Jesus

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson won his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup title on Sunday, but the most memorable moment of the day may have come after the race when he gave a very personal ... Continue Reading →

Invisible Racecar Fire

"Invisible fire, eh? Now, this 'invisible fire' wouldn't have anything to do with you not wanting to—Dear God you're melting." Continue Reading →

This NASCAR fan probably roots for the Dick’s Sporting Goods car

You can take the kid out of the trailer park, but not the junk out of your pants. Continue Reading →