VIDEO: Milan Lucic Drops Alexei Emelin with a Stick to the Taint

Time to start wearing taint pads, Emelin. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Little Kid Gets Crushed by Check in NHL Game

The glass didn’t shatter and stab him with razor-sharp glass shards. So that’s one thing to be grateful for. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Little Girl Sticks Her Tongue Out at Canadiens Head Coach Michel Therrien

There is a lot of pressure to be coach of the Canadiens. Little girls can just as easily bite through the glass. Continue Reading →

Canada Announces It is Quitting Hockey

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Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov Ducks Out of the Way of a Puck

He even has a Flyers jersey like Goldberg. Continue Reading →

Montreal Canadiens Prank Rookie Nathan Beaulieu

One is the loneliest skater. Continue Reading →

Carey Price Makes Save with His Nuts

Might want to use some of that padding for the most delicate spot next time. Continue Reading →

Ref Gets in on Erik Cole’s Goal Celebration

It's nice to have support from people in authority. Continue Reading →

Devin Setoguchi Shootout Fail

He totally faked the goalie out. The goalie did not expect that. Continue Reading →

Young New Jersey Devils Fan Flips Off a Canadien

The New Jersey logo on his chest is almost redundant. Continue Reading →

Canadiens Coach Backed By Booger Picker

French-speaking people even dig for gold in a stylish way. Continue Reading →

The Most Terrifying Goalie Mask Ever

Even Jason would be freaked out by this. Continue Reading →

Alexander Ovechkin Flips P.K. Subban

They would make an awesome pairs skating duo. Continue Reading →

P.K. Subban Will Want to Get Black At … I Mean, Back At Darren Pang

Ice is racist. Continue Reading →

Fan Flips Off NHL Ref

The ref probably told the guy’s friend that he had a douchey hat. Continue Reading →

A group of Flyers fans who work together at Kinko’s really give it to Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak.

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Montreal Canadiens fans loot a liquor store and flee the scene, lest they are caught and humiliated for having stolen what appears to be multiple bott

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Jaroslav Halak Shocks Fans by Finally Removing His Mask

A hush went over the Bell Centre crowd last night when Montreal Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak's mask was removed, revealing the goaltender's face for the first time in his ... Continue Reading →