His Head Probably Put Him Over Weight

At least he has a strong chin. Continue Reading →

Kickboxer Loses In Overwhelming Non-Decision

That guy does not have a good concussion face. Continue Reading →

MMA Fighter’s Ear Will Hurt in the Morning

Looks like Mike Tyson is an MMA fighter now. Continue Reading →

MMA Delivers an All-Time Great Kick

He is the Bo Jackson of mixed martial arts. Continue Reading →

MMA Fighter Wins, Pukes

He should have tried that move during the bout. (via Deadspin) Continue Reading →

Mixed Martial Arts and Crafter Knits Battle-Axe

Dexter Payne is known as one of the world's premier mixed martial arts and crafters. And his latest creation, a wool-knit battle-axe, should only further solidify that reputation. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

MMA Guy Fails to Defend Kick to the Face

If this wasn't MMA, that's probably illegal. Continue Reading →

MMA fighter seen choking his baby (not a euphemism)

Oh, man. I bet this weak, stupid baby crapped its pants. Continue Reading →

Dana White Charged With Running a Human-Fighting Ring

A Las Vegas man was charged today by federal authorities with running a multi-million dollar human-fighting ring that stretched across multiple states and even into other countries. Dana ... Continue Reading →

Extremely Violent Man Shocks Fans With His Lack of Social Graces

Brock Lesnar unified the heavyweight crown at UFC 100 on Saturday, delighting fans by battering Frank Mir’s face to a bloody pulp. But it was his post-fight actions that shocked ... Continue Reading →