Flying Knees to the Face are Very Successful

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Which was the greatest UFC event of all-time?

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Popular Candy and Their Sports Equivalents

You can't go wrong with Halloween candy. Except for candy corn. No one actually like candy corn — if they did, it would be eaten the other 11 months of the year. But for ... Continue Reading →

Karate Nuns

They will beat the sin out of you. Continue Reading →

UFC Open on FOX with Awkward Reciting of Names

Someone is going to get punched over this. Continue Reading →

Al Harrington Fake KOs a Fake Reporter

Maybe the Nuggets will be fake good thie year. Continue Reading →

MMA-Style Broken Nose

It’s probably just a badly sprained nose. Continue Reading →

5 Hilariously Awesome Knockouts

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MMA: All Nut-Shot Edition

They're hitting below the belt and nowhere else. Continue Reading →

This MMA Fighter Probably Lost

He either lost or he forgot to evolve past Cromagnon. Continue Reading →

His Head Probably Put Him Over Weight

At least he has a strong chin. Continue Reading →

Kickboxer Loses In Overwhelming Non-Decision

That guy does not have a good concussion face. Continue Reading →

MMA Fighter’s Ear Will Hurt in the Morning

Looks like Mike Tyson is an MMA fighter now. Continue Reading →

MMA Delivers an All-Time Great Kick

He is the Bo Jackson of mixed martial arts. Continue Reading →

MMA Fighter Wins, Pukes

He should have tried that move during the bout. (via Deadspin) Continue Reading →

Mixed Martial Arts and Crafter Knits Battle-Axe

Dexter Payne is known as one of the world's premier mixed martial arts and crafters. And his latest creation, a wool-knit battle-axe, should only further solidify that reputation. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

MMA Guy Fails to Defend Kick to the Face

If this wasn't MMA, that's probably illegal. Continue Reading →

MMA fighter seen choking his baby (not a euphemism)

Oh, man. I bet this weak, stupid baby crapped its pants. Continue Reading →