Struggling Manchester United Announces it Will Finish Out Its Career in the MLS

Manchester United, a 20-year veteran of the English Premier League and once one of the brightest stars in the sport, announced today it will play out the twilight of its career in Major ... Continue Reading →

10 World Cup-Inspired Slogans the MLS Should Try

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VIDEO: MLS Reporter Takes a Soccer Ball to the Head

Poor girl. It would be so much more prestigious to get hit in the head at a soccer game in Europe.  Continue Reading →
Geoff Cameron

MLS Announces Plans to Play All of Its Games in Heavy Snow

MLS commissioner Don Garber announced today that the 18 year-old North American soccer league will play the remainder of its 2013 schedule in heavy snow. "The U.S.-Costa Rica ... Continue Reading →

Nothing Says MLS Like Projectile Vomiting

He has food poisoning or suddenly realized he's part of American soccer. Continue Reading →

MLS Likes Strippers

Now they can become a European league. Continue Reading →

MLS Rookie Bombs with Hope Solo

It would have been charming if he was in one of the world's Top 20 soccer leagues. Continue Reading →

The Matchup: English Premier League vs. MLS

TV deal EPL: Live games broadcast on Sky Sports, ESPN, BBC MLS: Exclusive deal with Des Moines, Iowa, Public Access 13 for "MLS Talk with Dale and Todd" (UPDATE: Show canceled ... Continue Reading →

Soccer Back-Heel Fail

It's almost like he doesn't respect the MLS. Continue Reading →

MLS Goalie Scores from 90 Yards Out

This easily beats whatever was previously considered the greatest moment in MLS history. Continue Reading →

Boston Fans to Now Complain About the New England Revolution’s Title Drought

While many sports fans across the country are marveling at Boston's amazing run of success, with a championship in every major sport over the past seven years, and seven total ... Continue Reading →

Oh, MLS, You’re Adorable

The MLS Cup is decided by an own-goal. Not surprising. At all. Continue Reading →

Thierry Henry learns we can dive well in America, too

That goalie may be American, but he definitely could play for a European team. Continue Reading →

Sadly, this is actually one of the better plays in MLS history

The MLS doesn't need David Beckham to get people talking. They need more hilarious bloopers like this. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →