The World’s Largest Dodgeball Game

Dodgeball from Ryan Heise on Vimeo. I trust they hit everyone with glasses right in the face. It's the whole point of dodgeball. Continue Reading →

Bull Horn to the Crotch

Is thata bull horn in your crotch or … oh, god. It’s a bull horn. I’ll call 9-1-1. Continue Reading →

Your OFFICIAL 2012 Puppy Bowl Scouting Report

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Old-Timey Rollerblading

It was even harder to tell your parents that you're gay in the olden times. Continue Reading →

Cockfighting: A Brutal, Yet Hilarious Sport

It is indeed horrib- oh, I almost got that out without laughing. COCKS! Continue Reading →

The 25 Funniest Sports Movies of All-Time

From nearly 70,000 reader votes on more than 50 sports comedies … #25 – The Longest Yard (original) The 1974 original is the oldest movie on the list, proving the enduring entertainment ... Continue Reading →

Under Armour Unveils Line of Prom Dresses

The sports apparel company Under Armour announced that it is releasing a collection of "prom performance attire" this coming spring. The collection includes six tight-fitting, ... Continue Reading →

Pinata Baseball Backfires

She would have preferred to be hit in the face by the thing that's full of candy. Continue Reading →

Rock Skiing

That’s probably bad on the wax job. Continue Reading →

The Muppets and Their Athlete Equivalents

Derek Jeter = Kermit the Frog He's not the biggest, he's not the smallest, he's not the most talented, his glory days are long past and he's kind of weird looking. ... Continue Reading →

The 8 People Who Will Play in Your Family’s Turkey Day Football Game

The Little Kid It’s your nephew or your little cousin. And he’s the worst player on the field. He’s also the most valuable player on the field because the other side ... Continue Reading →

The 15 Greatest Red-Headed Athletes of All-Time

#15 – Brian Scalabrine Why does the list only go to 15? Because if you’re running 15 “athletes” and you get to Brian Scalabrine at 15, can the people after him ... Continue Reading →

If Classic Novels Were About Sports

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If High School Gym Class Had a Syllabus

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Greatest Dodgeball Player Ever

See all the CollegeHumor Original Videos here. With his athleticism, perhaps he should consider a more profitable sport. Continue Reading →

World Record Jump-Roper

She also set a world record for weirdest face. Continue Reading →

World’s Best Juggler

He's probably a hoot at parties until he starts juggling your kids. Continue Reading →

The Halloween Costumes of 7 Athletes

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