The Presidential Box-Off: Determining Which American President Would Win in a Fight

SportsPickle asked readers to vote on which American president would win a presidential boxing tournament. After more than 80,000 votes, here are the results. 43. William Henry Harrison Height: ... Continue Reading →

25 Athlete Nicknames That Somehow Never Caught On

Alex Rodriguez: "Al-R" Chris "Topher" Bosh "Molasses" Ray Leonard "Sometimes Flip-Flops" Joe Jackson Julius "The OB/GYN" Erving "Julius" ... Continue Reading →

The Presidential Box-Off

http://www.sportspickle.com/toplist/14551/the-presidential-box-off Which American president from history would win in a fight? Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Obama, Romney on Sports Debate Issues

The DH Obama: I like the designated hitter. Not everyone was given the tools to hit, just as most hitters can't pitch well. But pitchers do more than their share to help the team. ... Continue Reading →

10 MORE High Schools With Better Team Names Than Your High School’s

SportsPickle published a list of 10 high schools with great team names. You submitted other schools that deserved to make the list. Here they are … - – – – ... Continue Reading →

The 10 Excuses People Make for Their Failed Athletic Career

1. "It was all politics" You think our country is a political nightmare? You should have seen this guy's high school. The athletic department was rife with "politics." ... Continue Reading →

The 25 Most Unbelievable Sports FACTS!

1. Baseballs were originally made from the foreskins of horses. 2. The state sport of Alabama is figure skating. 3. A race car with a wood-burning engine finished 3rd in the 1927 Indianapolis ... Continue Reading →

Child Athletes Are Terrible Athletes

They're grounded. Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Kickball

They would totally dominate recess. Continue Reading →

United States Wins World Eating Championship Again

The United States has defended its World Eating Championship, besting all other countries in most calories consumed per capita and fattest people. The title has gone to the United ... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to the World Burping Champion

His parents are just proud he's not the World Farting Champion. Unless he's also that. Continue Reading →

Correct Spelling Not a Requirement at the Spelling Bee

“Language of origin?” “Soouth American.” Continue Reading →

Fierce Rape – by Gatorade

Everyone needs to replenish their fluids after raping. Continue Reading →