Bracket of Completely Random Things That Aren’t Related in Any Way: Temperate Region Round 1!

Temperate Region: Round 1   16) Mayim Bialik -vs- 1) ball-peen hammer Continue Reading →

New Jersey Unveils Alternate Jersey

New Jersey today unveiled plans for an alternate Jersey, one that will potentially be used on Sundays and for special occasions going forward. “This new alternate Jersey is a ... Continue Reading →
on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

If the 2014 Oscar Nominees for “Best Picture” Were About Sports

American Hustle Featuring an ensemble cast of white actors, a scrappy basketball team uses heart, intangibles and teamwork to win a basketball championship over an athletic team that ... Continue Reading →

14 Inductees Into the Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame

BIO: A star in wrestling, basketball, football, swimming and track, Slater persevered in the face of simple mathematics by playing five sports in three seasons. He also beat  simple ... Continue Reading →

The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received: Part 2

From readers. Have a terrible sports gift tale? Send it to OverheardSP at gmail. – – – – – I have been a Chicago Cubs fan since I was about five.  I’ve ... Continue Reading →

The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received

From readers. Have a terrible sports gift tale? Send it to OverheardSP at gmail. – – – – – By accident, my parents once gave me (a Buffalo Bills fan) ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Japanese Man Sets World Record for 100m Running on All-Fours

Good job, humanity. We’re devolving.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Pop-a-Shot Girl Makes Every Shot

She will get an awesome plastic toy with all the tickets she won.  Continue Reading →

Injury Report for Your Rec League Flag Football Team

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The 25 Biggest Sports Cliches

1. We’re taking it one game at a time.   2. This is a must-win game.   3. You have to give 110-percent.   4. We just have to execute.   5. We punched them in ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Mormon Missionaries Are the New Basketball Hotness

These missionaries prove there is more to Mormon basketball than just THE JIMMER. Continue Reading →

What the Beach Sport You’re Playing Says About You

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1980s Anti-Drugs Musical is Very Relevant to LeBron’s Headband

The people who made this clearly had heavy drug experience. Continue Reading →

World’s #1 Dad Defeated in Stunning Knockout by World’s 8th Ranked Dad

The world dad rankings were thrown into disarray this weekend when World's #1 Dad Glenn Thompson of Oak Park, Illinois, was floored by a brutal combination in the 6th Round of ... Continue Reading →

The 25 Least Athletic-Looking Athletes in Sports

#25 – Peter Crouch David Beckham is almost the perfect male specimen. Whatever loose bits of English soccer player that were left over after making Beckham were apparently stacked ... Continue Reading →

President Obama: Sports Choker?!?!?!

He has two presidencies, but he doesn't have a single ring. Continue Reading →

Your National Spelling Bee Drinking Game

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Two-Sport Phenom Dominant at Both Spelling Bees and Mathletics

Learn the name Robbie Gronthorpe. The 11 year-old multi-sport phenom may go down alongside such names as Bo Jackson, Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Jim Thorpe as one of the greatest multi-sport ... Continue Reading →