2015 Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team

Studies show flow peaks at age 18. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Junior Hockey Player Nearly Decapitates Himself Leaving the Ice

You’re fine. No one noticed. Totally smooth. Just re-attach your head and keep moving. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minor League Hockey Players Gets in Six “Meows” During 40-Second Interview

He deserves to be called up to the National Hockey League meow. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minor League Goalie David Leggio is a Mad Goaltending Genius

The Hurricanes need to trade for this guy. He would be their best shot at winning. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Canadian Anthem Singer at Hockey Game Eats It While Skating/Singing

For decades, the Canadian anthem has brought strength to Canadians who have fallen on ice. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Auditions for AHL Adirondack Flames Mascot Have Major League Awkwardness

Mascot costumes were invented so fans couldn’t see the person dancing around like an idiot turning red from embarrassment. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Ref Seems Pretty Drunk

He’s either drunk or the most relaxed ref ever.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Player Gets Penalty for Drinking from Someone Else’s Water Bottle

Well, it is cold and flu season. He should be forever banned from hockey.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Goalie Seems Pretty Drunk

Must be an old Flyers goalie.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Players Now Passing Each Other Sticks

That’s neat. But they should probably spend more practice time on not dropping their sticks in the first place. Continue Reading →

Full-Team Brawl Wraps Up QMJHL Game

Looks like both teams still had some energy left. Continue Reading →

Hockey Player Throws His Stick at Ref

That's not high-sticking, so … play on! Continue Reading →

Minor League Hockey Broadcaster Might Need Counseling

His record skipped. Minor league teams use record announcers all the time. Continue Reading →

Hockey Puck Splits in Half on Shot Off the Post

The Swiss hockey league needs to invest in sturdier pucks. Continue Reading →

Syracuse Crunch Has Phone Sex/Ticket Ad

Maybe you get to have sex with him between periods. Continue Reading →

Worst Hockey Fight Ever Occurs in Minor League Game

At least they both got to practice their backwards skating. Continue Reading →

North Dakota Hockey Team Wins Minor League Hockey Marketing

Sarah McLachlan is Canadian, so she probably cares about this issue. Continue Reading →