VIDEO: Hockey Ref Seems Pretty Drunk

He’s either drunk or the most relaxed ref ever.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Player Gets Penalty for Drinking from Someone Else’s Water Bottle

Well, it is cold and flu season. He should be forever banned from hockey.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Goalie Seems Pretty Drunk

Must be an old Flyers goalie.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Players Now Passing Each Other Sticks

That’s neat. But they should probably spend more practice time on not dropping their sticks in the first place. Continue Reading →

Full-Team Brawl Wraps Up QMJHL Game

Looks like both teams still had some energy left. Continue Reading →

Hockey Player Throws His Stick at Ref

That's not high-sticking, so … play on! Continue Reading →

Minor League Hockey Broadcaster Might Need Counseling

His record skipped. Minor league teams use record announcers all the time. Continue Reading →

Hockey Puck Splits in Half on Shot Off the Post

The Swiss hockey league needs to invest in sturdier pucks. Continue Reading →

Syracuse Crunch Has Phone Sex/Ticket Ad

Maybe you get to have sex with him between periods. Continue Reading →

Worst Hockey Fight Ever Occurs in Minor League Game

At least they both got to practice their backwards skating. Continue Reading →

North Dakota Hockey Team Wins Minor League Hockey Marketing

Sarah McLachlan is Canadian, so she probably cares about this issue. Continue Reading →