VIDEO: Idiot Jeff Francoeur Thought a Teammate Was Deaf for a Month

Maybe this is just a prank on us to convince us that Jeff Francoeur is an idiot. If so, it worked. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Racing Eyeballs Promotion Goes Awry at Northwest Arkansas Naturals Minor League Game

Baseball fundamentals: Always keep your eye on the ball. Also, never step on an eyeball. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Phillies’ Triple-A Team Giving Away Foam Fingers for Prostate Check Awareness

Men would probably be much more willing to get their prostates checked if all that was shoved up there was a foam finger. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minor League Baseball Fan Slams Face Off of Wall Catching Foul Ball

Totally worth it. Minor league baseballs are worth [whatever the retail price of baseballs are, minus depreciation for being used]. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Baseball Player Drop-Kicked by Skydiver

That’s a great way to break up a double play. Continue Reading →

Minor League Baseball, Major League Laughs

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Fox News Has it in for Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony.

Not cool. Michael Jordan is on record saying that Republicans buy sneakers. Continue Reading →

Mariners Double-A Team Enjoyed Felix Hernandez’s Perfect Game

One day they dream of standing there while he wins them games. Continue Reading →

Minor League Baseball Mascot Nearly Breaks His Furry Neck

Mascots don't go to heaven because they have no soul. Continue Reading →

World’s Oldest Baseball Heckler

He once heckled Ty Cobb. Continue Reading →

Bill Murray Has Fun During a Minor League Rain Delay

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos It's nice to see that Wes Anderson is finally doing something new. Continue Reading →

2012 Triple-A Baseball All-Name Team

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Minor Leaguers Jump Over the Wall for a Catch

You should always knock first. before entering the bullpen. Continue Reading →