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PICTURE: Fan Behind Minnesota Wild Bench Greatly Enjoyed the Packers’ Collapse

This is the highlight of the Vikings’ season. And the Wild’s season. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: USA Hockey Team Is Not Looking Very Good on Skates

Hopefully their stick skills are a little better.  Continue Reading →

Mike Rupp Falls All Over the Ice After His Skate Blade Breaks

His skate blade is a playoff choker. Continue Reading →

Niklas Backstrom Will Not be Winning the Vezina This Year

Or probably any year. But definitely not this year. Continue Reading →

Minnesotans are Now Our Most Positive People

Perhaps the millions of their most depressed have walked into nearby lakes. Continue Reading →

The Most Obvious High Stick in Hockey History

Steve Martin used to do this in Canadian comedy clubs. Continue Reading →

Devin Setoguchi Shootout Fail

He totally faked the goalie out. The goalie did not expect that. Continue Reading →

Slapshot Fells NHL Ref

That’s two minutes for hitting a ref with the puck. Continue Reading →

NHL Linesman Punched in the Face

Continue Reading →

This Would Be An Unsuccessful Check

The NHL needs to cut down on hilariously ineffective checks. Continue Reading →

Minnesota Wild fans are now trying to kill themselves

Can't blame them really. Continue Reading →