"Hey, coach! Look at this! I’m changing the play you called, you prick!"

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"I’m just saying, up until a few weeks ago I would have killed for the chance to rape you and pillage Hattiesburg, Mississippi."

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How Peter King imagines Brett Favre’s Wrangler commercial

Why shouldn't this be the ad? Most people who buy Wrangler jeans eventually make them into jorts anyway. Continue Reading →

Favre Cam Pageviews Peak During Postgame Sex

NFL.com and FoxSports.com reported more than 8 million unique streams of their "Favre Cam" — the online video feed of Brett Favre's every move — during Sunday's ... Continue Reading →

After having a second turnover returned for a touchdown by the Steelers on the day, Brett Favre checks to make sure he didn’t accidentally wear his Ne

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Brett Favre Holds Press Conference To Announce That Junior Seau is Unretiring

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre announced today that longtime NFL linebacker Junior Seau is unretiring again to play for the New England Patriots. Favre made the announcement ... Continue Reading →

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stabs Brett Favre with a shiv following Minnesota’s 30-23 victory.

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Adrian Peterson displays the foot he snapped off of a Detroit Lions defender while making a move in the second half.

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AVOID: Brett Favre, QB, Vikings

AVOID: Brett Favre, QB, Vikings—Okay, so this one may seem fairly obvious. But there is always someone in every fantasy league who doesn't know what they're doing. At ... Continue Reading →

Former TV star Fran Tarkenton not a fan of Brett Favre

Fran Tarkenton is not a big Brett Favre fan. The former Vikings quarterback hates him so much he may never wear jeans or mow his lawn again. And he's proud to tell the world. "I ... Continue Reading →

Training Camp Postcard: Minnesota Vikings

Our reporter spent the day at Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato, Minn. Here are his notes. > Brett Favre may not know all the Vikings plays yet, but he has had no problem ... Continue Reading →

"Ha! Tarvaris is crying." "Awesome."

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Reports: Brett Favre Considering a Return to His Wife’s Vagina

Less than 20 minutes after rolling off of his wife and kissing her goodnight, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is seriously considering a return to her body for one ... Continue Reading →

Brett Favre To Retire From Football Mondays Through Saturdays

Brett Favre clarified his decision to retire permanently from football today, saying he will step away from the game each week during the season from Monday through Saturday, only to ... Continue Reading →