Cameraman Crushed by Vikings Receiver

It wouldn't hurt as bad if he was crushed by a player on a good team. Continue Reading →

Chargers Fan Excited Enough to Piss Himself

He probably just remembered that Norv Turner is still their head coach. Continue Reading →

Vikings Acquire, Bench Donovan McNabb

The Minnesota Vikings announced today that they have acquired Donovan McNabb to be the team's new starting quarterback. The team also announced at the end of the press conference ... Continue Reading →

Cover of Madden 2045

He’s like a kid’s skeleton our there. Continue Reading →

Vikings Punter Makes a Hitler/CBA Parody

So this is what punters do with all of their free time. Continue Reading →

Which NFL team had the best draft?

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Your TV Knows the Vikings Suck

Maybe the Vikings will take Mallet in Round 2. Continue Reading →

Hines Ward is a Viking

Assuming the Vikings wouldn’t be too embarrassed to take him. (via @xmasape) Continue Reading →

Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Not a Fan of Roger Goodell’s Letter

His Twitter, @ChrisWarcraft, has been named the new director of the NFLPA. Continue Reading →

Favre Letter to Packers: "This is your last chance to start me at quarterback"

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Brett Favre Dances to "Ice Ice Baby"

"Ice Ice Baby" is Brett Favre's ringtone for the ladies. Continue Reading →

2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Brett Favre

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010… You unretired. Again. Got busted for trying to cheat on your wife. Played truly awful football. Saw your consecutive ... Continue Reading →

Is This the End of Brett Favre?

No. He will never go away. It’s a trick! (via mocksession) Continue Reading →