VIDEO: Watch Rich Minnesotans in Suits Awkwardly Celebrate Getting the Super Bowl

They all are probably also very awkward at celebrating pars with their golfing buddies. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Vikings Blew Up Two Packers Fans

That’s a pretty intense rivalry. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Vikings Fan Who Vowed to Not Shave Until Vikings Win Super Bowl Dies

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NESN Thought a SportsPickle Article Was Real

If it’s in the real news, that means Urlacher really retired with the Packers! OMG! Continue Reading →

There’s No Live TV Like Minnesota Live TV

He's a wannabe Adrian Peterson. Continue Reading →

Minnesota Vikings Lose PhotoBomb to Green Bay Packers

That fan learned the fine art of photobombing from Aaron Rodgers. Continue Reading →

Vikings LB Chad Greenway Has Explicit Request

College is over, guy. Time to get a little classier. Continue Reading →

Brett Favre Vikings Leg Lamp

Maybe the lamp will try to play in the NFL this year. It would be as effective as Brett Favre. Continue Reading →

Vikings Punter is a Modern, Cruder Roger Ebert

From @ChrisWarcraft AKA Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe … – – – – – Continue Reading →

The RedZone Channel Hates Christian Ponder

No man deserves to be mistaken for Kyle Boller. No man. Continue Reading →

Poor Little Girl is a Vikings Fan

This won't be your last football-related cry, little girl. Continue Reading →
Adrian Peterson

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Moves Himself to Los Angeles

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson announced today that he is relocating himself to Los Angeles, a decision he says allows him to "not play for the Vikings." The move saddened ... Continue Reading →

The Official Sign of Vikings Fandom

It’s a great idea until the Vikings fumble the mascot. Continue Reading →

Cameraman Crushed by Vikings Receiver

It wouldn't hurt as bad if he was crushed by a player on a good team. Continue Reading →

Chargers Fan Excited Enough to Piss Himself

He probably just remembered that Norv Turner is still their head coach. Continue Reading →

Vikings Acquire, Bench Donovan McNabb

The Minnesota Vikings announced today that they have acquired Donovan McNabb to be the team's new starting quarterback. The team also announced at the end of the press conference ... Continue Reading →

Cover of Madden 2045

He’s like a kid’s skeleton our there. Continue Reading →

Vikings Punter Makes a Hitler/CBA Parody

So this is what punters do with all of their free time. Continue Reading →