VIDEO: Grown Adult Woman Twins Fan Flips Off Little Girl for Getting HR Ball

Adults today. No respect. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minnesota Twins Ball Boy Uses His Head Instead of His Glove

No doubt the ball boy saw his short, ball boy life flash before him. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minnesota Twins Pitchers Perform as a Barbershop Quartet

The funniest part is when they say the Twins are going to win. Continue Reading →

Joe Mauer Kind of Hurt That Pitchers Only Throw to Him on Pickoff Attempts Now

Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer made a permanent position switch before the season. But while the move from catcher will likely extend Mauer’s career by keeping him healthy, ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Twins Fans Have Given Up

It’s quite a feat to make the children of Minnesota cynical. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Won’t Allow Royals Girl to Get Free Baseball

In 10 years, that kid will wish he had been nicer to that girl. Continue Reading →

Royals Fan Does Not Think Much of the Twins

Those Midwesterners are very crude people. Continue Reading →

Joe Mauer Back Hair Jersey

That doesn’t appear to be officially licensed by MLB. Continue Reading →

Target Field Security Lady Has a Very Strong Grip

She is Jeff Van Gundy’s little sister. Continue Reading →

No One Knows Jeff Manship’s Name

Man and Ship are pretty obscure words. Continue Reading →

Guy’s Obituary Expresses Dislike for Joe Mauer

My obituary will list all of my fantasy sports titles. Continue Reading →

Maine and Rhode Island Hate Jim Thome

Those elitist New Englanders think "country strong" is cheating. Continue Reading →

Boring Jim Thome Hits 600 Home Runs Without the Attention of Any Steroid Scandals

Minnesota Twins slugger Jim Thome has become just the eighth player in baseball history to hit 600 home runs. Yet many Americans don't know his name and wouldn't recognize ... Continue Reading →

Twins Fan Forced to Resort to Dick

They’re very open with prostitution in the Upper Midwest. Continue Reading →

The Joe Mauer Backhair Jersey

I don’t think that’s officially licensed by MLB. Continue Reading →

The Twins are Even Worse at Acting Than They are at Baseball

Joe Mauer got hurt during the first take. Continue Reading →

Carl Pavano Beats Bench to Death

It was like this every day when he was on the Yankees. Continue Reading →

Justin Morneau is an All-Star at Handshakes

He's friendlier than other players because he's Canadian. (via GLBLWRMER) Continue Reading →