VIDEO: Minnesota’s Jerry Kill Shakes Hands with the Wrong Black Purdue Coach

He is a Purduist. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Eastern Illinois Player Pops Minnesota Lineman in the Crotch

He plays for Eastern Illinois. He probably didn’t know there would be cameras at the game. Continue Reading →

Tubby Smith Dancing

He dances better than most people named Tubby. Continue Reading →

Minnesota-Crookston Football Has a Field Logo Problem

Maybe their logo has a lot of empty space on the right side. Continue Reading →

Nothing Says Diversity Like Minnesota

So many shades of white. Continue Reading →

Goldy Gopher Dresses Like KISS

This was actually the most exciting part of Minnesota’s season. Continue Reading →

They hate God on the coasts AND in Minnesota now

This video is from Saturday's Big Ten game between Minnesota and Penn State. Some people took offense to Goldy Gopher "mocking" a Penn State player for praying. In fact, ... Continue Reading →