Mike Krzyzewski Can’t Jump

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Transcript of Mike Krzyzewski’s Illegal Call with a Recruit

Duke may be guilty of an NCAA rules violation after head coach Mike Krzyzewski took a call from a recruit, Alex Poythress, while Poythress was traveling to play in tournaments. Here ... Continue Reading →

How Duke and UNC Fans See Coach K’s American Express Ad

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Crazy Eyes Girl Trying to Steal Coach K’s Soul

Jokes on you, girl: Mike Krzyzewski has no soul. Continue Reading →

President Obama is pictured in a photograph that will undoubtedly be used against him in 2012 as evidence that he pals around with unsavory characters

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Iron Man to Take On Mike Krzyzewski in Upcoming Sequel

With the new Iron Man movie,Iron Man 2, set to hit theatres next month, rumors are already circulating about possible storylines for the third installment, set to be released in 2012. ... Continue Reading →

After winning his fourth national title, Mike Krzyzewski re-affirms his deal with Satan that requires him to live as a rat in exchange for basketball

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Mike Krzyzewski thanks former President George H. W. Bush for telling him about the existence of aliens at Area 51, which led to Duke’s recruitment of

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Mike Krzyzewski summons all the demons in hell to help Duke beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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"Good win. Do it again and I’ll stab you and no one will be able to see the blood."

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Freshman Starting to Suspect Coack K is Kind of a Dick

Just months into his freshman season with the Blue Devils Duke freshman forward Mason Plumlee is starting to suspect that Coach Mike Krzyzewski might be a total dickhead. Despite Krzyzewski’s ... Continue Reading →