Michael Vick’s Most Inaccurate Pass Yet

The pass landed in Delaware. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick is a Better Christian Than Tim Tebow

Vick isn’t a Christian. He just has to give the football over to his creditors. Continue Reading →

NBC’s “Today” Show Thinks All Black Quarterbacks Look the Same

Probably the most amazing part of Michael Vick's change is how he now throws with his right arm. Continue Reading →

Montana is Vince Young Territory

Uncle Rico must live in Montana now. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick Cares About Cheerleader Safety

We all suffer when pretty things are destroyed. Continue Reading →

NY Post Runs Its First Non-Dog-Related Headline for Michael Vick

They are showing amazing restraint. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick Enjoys Business Casual

When he wasn’t so mature, he did press conferences bare-ass. Continue Reading →

White Vick, Black Brady

That Michael Vick sure is scrappy! Continue Reading →

Thankfully the UConn Huskies were playing that night

From @MikeVick AKA Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick … - – – – - Continue Reading →

2 QBs Jay Cutler Can Use As Examples To Improve His Image

Dog-killing and sexual assault allegations don’t matter if you’re TOUGH. Continue Reading →

Stay Classy, New York Post

Really? Jets "Steel" one? What a terrible pun. Continue Reading →

Dogs Express Interest in Owning Michael Vick

Several dogs expressed interest today in owning Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. "I would love to get Michael Vick in the future," a Virginia Beach, Virginia ... Continue Reading →

Tashard Choice Gets Michael Vick’s Autograph

He first got in Vick's good graces by losing to him. Continue Reading →