VIDEO: Houston TV Station Scrolls That Tony Romo is “Still the Gayest Player” on the “Cowgirls”

Cowgirls? That’s not their name. It’s the Cowb … ohhhh. I get it now. LOL. Continue Reading →

Pickpocket Lifts More Than $30,000 from Rams Players While Michael Sam is Distracting Them

A pickpocket managed to make off with more than $30,000 in cash and valuables from the St. Louis Rams training camp locker room while players were being distracted by openly gay teammate ... Continue Reading →

Nation Disgusted That a Late 7th-Round Draft Pick Could be Loved

Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam touched off a flood of outrage after he was taken with the 249th pick on the 7th Round of the NFL Draft on Saturday night and kissed his boyfriend. ... Continue Reading →

7 Year-Olds On Seeing Michael Sam Kiss His Boyfriend During the NFL Draft

“Kissing is disgusting. When my parents do it I want to throw up.” – Aaron Continue Reading →

SLIDESHOW: Hottest HABS of the 2014 NFL Draft

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PICTURE: CNN Thinks All Gay Athletes Look Alike

Why is Jason Collins wearing shoulder pads to play basketball? Seems a bit soft to me. Continue Reading →
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Report: NFL Teams to Gauge Michael Sam’s Willingness to Wear a Blindfold in the Shower

Michael Sam’s NFL future may ultimately come down to how well he does at the NFL Combine, particularly in interviews with prospective employers. According to several NFL sources, ... Continue Reading →
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Michael Sam’s Draft Stock Skyrockets Over Reports Some NFL Players Will be Uncomfortable Blocking a Gay Man

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was expected to be a mid to late-round selection in April’s NFL Draft. Then after revealing that he is gay, some NFL front office staffers felt ... Continue Reading →