Report: Michael Jordan Out $12.6 Million in Gambling Losses Thanks to Charlotte Bobcats’ Surprising 7-7 Start

Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan reportedly has lost more than $12 million since the start of the regular season thanks to betting heavily against his surprising 7-7 team in ... Continue Reading →

Nike Fires Michael Jordan for Misleading Them About His Fashion Sense

A day after cutting ties with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, Nike ended its longtime relationship with former basketball player Michael Jordan, citing increasing evidence that ... Continue Reading →

Fox News Has it in for Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony.

Not cool. Michael Jordan is on record saying that Republicans buy sneakers. Continue Reading →

Wyoming Loves Charlotte’s Mike Dunlap Hire

Wyoming is known for its basketball acumen. Continue Reading →

Jordan-Rodman Back Tattoo

Let’s assume the entire front of his torso is a tattoo of Toni Kukoc. Continue Reading →

Transcripts: Michael Jordan’s Interviews for the New Bobcats’ Head Coach

*Mike Malone, Golden State assistant* [[[chat]]] Malone: Thanks for having me in for an interview, Mr. Jordan. It's an honor. Jordan: You're welcome. But, look, I'll ... Continue Reading →

Scenes from "Space Jam 2: Saving the Charlotte Bobcats"

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Michael Jordan Continues to Take Bobcats’ Losses Hard

He knows more about hockey than running a basketball team. Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan Disappoints Everyone

This is how Wizards and Bobcats fans react to the famous Michael Jordan. Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan Half Jersey the Size of 4 Jordan Jerseys

He should be more of a Charles Barkley fan. Continue Reading →

The Downfall of Cam Newton Has Begun

Sex scandal or gambling? I’m betting on gambling. Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Turns Its Back on Larry Bird

Unfortunately, in modern HD games you can see his face too well. Continue Reading →

48 Year-Old Michael Jordan Can Dunk

He could definitely start for the Charlotte Bobcats. Continue Reading →