Ray Lewis

Miami Hurricanes Hire Recording of Ray Lewis Yelling About Stuff as New Head Coach

The Miami Hurricanes announced today that they have relieved head football coach Al Golden of his duties. The program’s new head coach will be a recording turned all the way up ... Continue Reading →

UPDATED: The 10 Most Popular Athletes in Miami

1. Bosh Continue Reading →

Miami Mocks Duke with Floor Slaps

They must have been huge Steve Wojciechowski fans. Continue Reading →

Air Ball Dunk at the College Basketball Dunk Contest

A for height, F for accuracy. Continue Reading →

"The U" Will Take Large Bodies Off the Street

Applicants must also be obnoxious about decades-old accomplishments. Continue Reading →

That Ref Isn’t Supposed to be Positioned That Way

He’s just trying to get a shoe endorsement. Continue Reading →

Kid Does a Capri Sun Bong at a Miami Game

– Watch MoreFunny Videos He's a little Nevin Shapiro in waiting. Continue Reading →

Self-Aware Sign at Miami

When you do a prostitute, we ALL do a prostitute. Continue Reading →

How to Recruit a Miami Hurricane

Step 1, of course, is identifying a mediocre high school player. Continue Reading →

Yahoo! is Getting Cocky About Their Sports Investigations

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Luther Campbell is Upset About the Miami Allegations

He’s an O.B. — Original Boosta. Continue Reading →

NCAA: "Yeah, so everyone is doing strippers and blow"

The NCAA responded today to the latest allegations leveled against one of its premier programs as NCAA president Mark Emmert spoke very candidly during a brief, five-minute press conference. "We ... Continue Reading →

The Many Uses of "The U"

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If You Want Advice On Discipline, You Want Michael Irvin

Other advice: sometimes it’s okay to stab a guy in the neck with scissors. Continue Reading →

Accurately Named College Teams

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"My approach isn’t working. I need to get some players in here who enjoy doing some crime."

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Happy Veterans Day from Kellen Winslow, Jr.

Men and women of the military, thank you for your service to all of us. Sincerely. Even to those of us who are morons. Also sincerely. Or not. Yeah, probably not. Lt. Winslow, U.S. ... Continue Reading →

"Great game, Randy. The parts I was awake for seemed very exciting. Did my Mountaineers beat you?"

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