Today’s Tebow Song: "We Didn’t Stop Tim Tebow"

Half Tebow, half Dolphins misery, all awesome. Continue Reading →

Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16?

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Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall Have a Tickle Fight

It’s nice to see two athletes remembers that sports are supposed to be fun. And tickley. Continue Reading →

Naughty Word on "Monday Night Football"

This is what happens when you invite your rowdy friends over. Continue Reading →

1972 Dolphins Celebrate Week 1 Losses by Saints, Falcons, Browns, Steelers, Rams, Chiefs, Titans, Bucs, Colts, Panthers, Vikings, Seahawks, Giants and Cowboys

The still-living members of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins met at a Miami bar last night to celebrate as 14 NFL teams fell short of a perfect season during the opening Sunday of ... Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Could Play QB for the Miami Dolphins

And that was even before this pass. Continue Reading →

Injuries are never funny

http://www.totalprosports.com/2010/09/20/21-intentionally-and-unintentionally-hilarious-sports-jerseys-pics/ Except when players get them from celebrating. Continue Reading →

This Dolphins rookie is hazed by having to wear a fake, comically fat belly.

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The 10 Most Common Interview Questions — by Jeff Ireland

No matter if you want to be an NFL draft pick like Dez Bryant or a retail clerk, you can't get a job without successfully getting through a job interview. So you need to know what ... Continue Reading →

Mercury Morris Hoping Your Marriage Falls Apart

Former Miami Dolphins running back Mercury Morris stated today in a nationally-televised interview today that he hopes your "whore wife" leaves you so that your precious marriage ... Continue Reading →

AVOID: Chad Henne, QB, Dolphins

AVOID: Chad Henne, QB, Dolphins — Since replacing the injured Chad Pennington as Dolphins starter, the second-year quarterback from Michigan is 2-0 and put up big numbers on Monday ... Continue Reading →

Plagued by scoliosis, members of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad remind us once again that those with severe spinal abnormalities can still be b

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"Ohhhhh. No way! They gave you a tight end’s number because of your huge ass and man arms."

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