Regular Refs are Very Cursey

This never would have happened with replacement refs. They didn't even know how to speak. Continue Reading →

The Tickets Sales Approaches of 6 Awful NFL Teams

#1 – The Support Group Approach Be there. Together. Because if you're alone and watch this team, well … let's not even think about it. Their ticket number probably ... Continue Reading →

Ryan Tannehill is a Moron

Wide receivers often don't have a lot of general football knowledge. Continue Reading →

Ryan Tannehill is Even Better than the Dolphins Could Have Wished

Wait, an interception? That makes his 245% completion percentage look less impressive. Continue Reading →

Totally Badass Miami Dolphins Scalp Tattoo

The Eeyore tat on his neck is even more hardcore. Continue Reading →

The Dolphins Have Some Issues at Wide Receiver

Davone Bess has to be upset about being beaten out by nobody. Continue Reading →

Aaron Sorkin’s “Hard Knocks” Panned as Overwritten and Preachy

HBO's "Hard Knocks" debuted Tuesday night and received withering reviews — many of which were directed at executive producer Aaron Sorkin. "Only Aaron Sorkin ... Continue Reading →

Dolphins to Skip Preseason Practicing Again This Year: “Someone could get hurt”

As NFL training camps open up across the country, the Miami Dolphins again insist that they won't practice before regular season action begins. "It's just the way we ... Continue Reading →

Reggie Bush is Able to Do All Things Except Write Correctly

In Christ’s defense, English was not His first language. Continue Reading →

Reggie Bush Has Nazi Jokes

Those should go over big in South Florida. Continue Reading →

Dolphins Fans Had Fun with GM Jeff Ireland’s Wikipedia Page

Chairman of Department of Terrible Decisions? That’s pretty prestigious. Continue Reading →

Brandon Marshall Drops It Like It’s Hot

Perhaps he was stabbed in his hands. Continue Reading →

The Pizza Hut Guy is Getting Frustrated with Reggie Bush

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