VIDEO: Tyler Hansbrough Wisely Decides Not to Tangle with Metta World Peace

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Mike D’Antoni Does Not Believe We Will Have Peace in Our Time

Is it the Israel-Palestine thing? Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Mocked On-Stage at Laugh Factory

More like the MEAN Factory, am I right? Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Passes His Armpit Towel to Metta World Peace

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Metta World Peach on Yo Gabba Gabba

They added Steve Nash and Dwight Howard AND they have a Gabbalympics medal winner? Unstoppable. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Does the Weather

There's an insane front moving in over Los Angeles. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Mental Health Video is Weird Even for Him

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Metta World Peace Finally Gets the Perfect Name

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Clarification: Metta World Peace’s Foul was Not Fragrant

While not fragrant, he does appear to be having some issues with his undercarriage. Continue Reading →

NBA.com Gives Us the World Peace Headline We All Wanted to See

A player named Total Anarchy has been reinstated. Continue Reading →

Disillusioned Metta World Peace Changes His Name to Military Industrial Complex

Saying that he has a "new, more realistic outlook on the world," Lakers forward Metta World Peace officially filed paperwork today to change his name to Military Industrial ... Continue Reading →

Ron Artest > Metta World Peace

He may have just single-handedly ended the peace movement. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace’s Standup Comedy Debut

He's the worst standup comedian since Ron Artest. Continue Reading →