Now You Know: Tony Allen Plays for the Grizzlies

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Raptors Fan Can’t Believe Rudy Gay Wasn’t Denied the Ball

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Stan Van Gundy is Understandably Sad About Losing to the Grizzlies

There are plenty of videos where Ron Jeremy makes the same face. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

NBA Contracts Memphis Grizzlies Midway Through 3rd Quarter

The NBA decided to scrap the Memphis Grizzlies organization last night midway through the third quarter of the team's 2010-2011 opener at the downtown FedEx Forum. As Grizzlies ... Continue Reading →

Rudy Gay Files Paperwork to Change Jersey Name

On the heels of the news that Lebron James would be switching numbers beginning next season, Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay has filed the requisite paperwork to change the name ... Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

From @mw1ll AKA Memphis Grizzlies point guard Marcus Williams … I only seem to tweet when I take these Vicodins lately for my wisdom teeth pain. Maybe that explains the content ... Continue Reading →

Before throwing a Grizzlies coach out of the game, NBA official Dick Bavetta checks for approval from his bookie.

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Zach Randolph Has Best Shooting Night of Career at Local Nightclub

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph had the best shooting night of his career last night at Senses, a nightclub in downtown Memphis. “Oh my God, it was incredible,” said patron ... Continue Reading →

Allen Iverson Fires God As His Agent

Allen Iverson, whose time with the Memphis Grizzlies lasted just three games, has fired God as his agent — the deity Iverson credited for bringing him to Memphis. "God chose ... Continue Reading →