Tweet of the Week

From @mw1ll AKA Memphis Grizzlies point guard Marcus Williams … I only seem to tweet when I take these Vicodins lately for my wisdom teeth pain. Maybe that explains the content ... Continue Reading →

Before throwing a Grizzlies coach out of the game, NBA official Dick Bavetta checks for approval from his bookie.

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Zach Randolph Has Best Shooting Night of Career at Local Nightclub

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph had the best shooting night of his career last night at Senses, a nightclub in downtown Memphis. “Oh my God, it was incredible,” said patron ... Continue Reading →

Allen Iverson Fires God As His Agent

Allen Iverson, whose time with the Memphis Grizzlies lasted just three games, has fired God as his agent — the deity Iverson credited for bringing him to Memphis. "God chose ... Continue Reading →