Indians Fan Tries to Go All the Way with Indians Mascot

If Slider isn't willing, then what's with all the herpes sores? Continue Reading →

Houston Rockets Mascot is a Big Perv

Joke's on him. He has no genitals. Continue Reading →

Vanderbilt Mascot Makes The Home Fans Bleed

In the mascot's defense, Vanderbilt students are probably more frail than most. Continue Reading →

Wizards Fan > Wizards Mascot

Wizards fans are also probably > Wizards players. Continue Reading →

That is One Perverted Mascot

He has a jersey on so it’s not weird because he’s not naked. (via Deadspin) Continue Reading →

Goldy Gopher Dresses Like KISS

This was actually the most exciting part of Minnesota’s season. Continue Reading →
The UEFA EURO 2012 official mascots are presented during an unveiling ceremony in Warsaw

Euro 2012 Mascots Unveiled to Terrify Children

One is for nightmares, the other is for daymares. Continue Reading →

Does the Minnesota Twins’ Bear Mascot Sh*t in the Woods?

Yes. Apparently. Continue Reading →

Pictures of Mascot on Mascot Violence

http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1009/mascot.fighting/content.1.html?eref=sihp Violence is never funny. Unless people dressed up in furry costumes are engaging ... Continue Reading →

10 High Schools With Better Team Names Than Your High School’s

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An interview with the greatest mascot of all-time

http://onegreatseason.com/home/2010/9/20/ou-mascot-planned-brutus-attack-last-year.html The Ohio Univesity mascot is a dropout who wants to be a deckhand. That's right. Continue Reading →