Rays Mascot Hates Steve Irwin

Bindie Irwin is going to kill that mascot with a spear. Continue Reading →

Pac-12 Mascots Check Out of a Hotel

You can’t keep animals at a hotel. They’re in trouble. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Goaltends Rocky the Mascot

Never mess with an animal with foam teeth. Continue Reading →

Verne Lundquist is Uga

Speak! Good boy. Continue Reading →

The Pirate Parrot is Big with the Ladies

In nine months she will lay his egg. Continue Reading →

Oregon Duck: Gangnam Style

Easily one of the best duck-based Gangnam Style parody videos ever. Continue Reading →

Minor League Baseball Mascot Nearly Breaks His Furry Neck

Mascots don't go to heaven because they have no soul. Continue Reading →

Stray Cat Evades Dog Mascot at Basketball Game

Now that mascot's parents are even more ashamed. Continue Reading →

New Rays Mascot Looks More Like a Cat

This should really sell those extra 30,000 or so seats they have every night. Continue Reading →

The 25 Worst College Mascots

After 204,869 votes from more than 50 mascot options, here is who you determined to be the 25 Worst College Mascots. - – – – - #25 – Saluki: Southern Illinois “Saluki” ... Continue Reading →

Sad Uga

Now Mark Richt has a depressed dog on his conscience, too. Continue Reading →

Auburn Mascot Gets Drunk, Slams Into Luxury Box

In its defense, luxury boxes aren’t part of its native habitat. Continue Reading →

Kansas State’s EcoKat Mascot is Not Too Popular on YouTube

She’s the first cat to not be popular on YouTube. Continue Reading →