PICTURE: Benny The Bull’s Sign Claims His Team’s Owner Isn’t Racist

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VIDEO: Pistons Mascot Scares Joakim Noah

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VIDEO: Our Soccer Mascots’ Heads are Falling Off

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PICTURE: Sochi’s Terrifying Mascots Have Been Put to Sleep

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VIDEO: Terrifying Sochi Bear Mascot Can’t Fit His Giant Head Into a Car

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VIDEO: Comcast SportsNet Airs Anatomically-Correct Photo of Chicago Cubs Mascot

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New Cartoonish Cubs Mascot a Complete Failure in Appealing to 18-34 Demographic

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PICTURE: Falcons Mascot is Cracking Suicide Jokes

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PICTURE: New Orleans Pelicans Mascot is Terrifying

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VIDEO: Brooklyn Nets Mascot is in Preseason Form

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VIDEO: The Dolphins’ Mascot Thought the Dolphins Kicked a Game-Tying Field Goal

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VIDEO: Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Gets Pummeled with Paintballs Because the Jaguars are Terrible

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PICTURE: New Raiders Mascot is the Worst Thing

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