Mark Sanchez Wipes Snot On Mark Brunell

It's really all Mark Brunell is good for. Continue Reading →

Good news: it actually seems to be working fine!

From @Mark_Sanchez AKA New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez … - – – – - Continue Reading →
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This Bank Robber is Very Overrated

At least he didn’t have a Favre Jets jersey: "I have a very small gun." Continue Reading →

Darrelle Revis Encourages Mark Sanchez to Holdout Immediately

Just seconds after their season-opening loss to the Ravens was in the books, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis pulled quarterback Mark Sanchez aside and told him to leave the ... Continue Reading →

… featuring robot genitalia!

From @ClayMatthews52 AKA Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews … Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

From @Mark_Sanchez AKA New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez … Playoffs 2009 8:42 PM Jan 6th from TwitterBerry Continue Reading →

Bengals Unable to Find Someone Shitty Enough to Play Mark Sanchez in Practice

The Cincinnati Bengals are hard at work preparing for their upcoming playoff game against the New York Jets but are having trouble finding someone shitty enough to play QB Mark Sanchez ... Continue Reading →

Struggling Mark Sanchez Hasn’t Had Sex in 4 Hours

New York Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, the toast of the town not long ago, has reportedly gone almost four hours without being serviced sexually by an attractive woman. "This ... Continue Reading →