PICTURE: New York City Marathon Sign Insults Your Mother

It wouldn’t be a real New York sporting event if someone’s mother wasn’t getting insulted. Continue Reading →

Boston Marathon Fun

Better idea: Don’t run at all and just drink beer. Continue Reading →

Mo Farah Asked on TV if He’s Run Before

Other than some Olympics, nah. Continue Reading →

10 Proposed Changes to the 2012 NYC Marathon

1. Strap sponges to the bottom of the runners' shoes. 2. Force the runners to carry at least two other competitors so as to not clog traffic. 3. Divert more of the course through ... Continue Reading →

Word Cloud of Boston Marathon Men’s Winners Since 1991

Kenya has 19, Ethiopia has 2, South Korea 1 and the rest of the world is tied for 4th place with 0. Continue Reading →

Motivational Marathon Sign

Good pimps let their bitches run to keep the weight off. Continue Reading →

Japanese Marathon Runner Needs a GPS

I think the announcer says: "He has brought himself great shame and must die." Continue Reading →

The Internal Monologue of an Unprepared Marathon Runner

Starting Line: This shouldn’t be so hard, right? Look at the other people running this: there are a lot of old folks and chubbsy ubbsies. No problem. Continue Reading →

President Obama Suspiciously Wins NYC Marathon

President Barack Obama won the New York City Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2 hours, 4 minutes, 11 seconds. It is the most impressive athletic feat achieved by a president in U.S. ... Continue Reading →

Old People Are Slow

This is actually a video. Continue Reading →

U.S. Invades Kenya to Ensure Continued Marathon Success

The U.S. military invaded and annexed the Republic of Kenya today in a quick and deadly show of force that American officials hope can lead to continued U.S. success in the sport of ... Continue Reading →