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Chargers Not Sure if They Should Tell Manti Te’o That Santa Isn’t Real

The San Diego Chargers say they are still deciding whether to break the news to rookie linebacker and established moron Manti Te’o that Santa Claus does not magically fly around ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: “Lennay Kekua Nudes” College GameDay Sign

Just when you thought Manti Te’o/Lennay Kekua jokes were played out, this comes along. Well done, Michigan. Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o: “My agent says I fell out of the 1st Round because I’m a moron”

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o says he is disappointed to have not been drafted in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft but thinks he at least understands why. "According to ... Continue Reading →

NFL Draft Debate: Naive Mormon or Pothead?

Utah is awesome at always being exactly how we’d all expect Utah to be. Continue Reading →
NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Notre Dame

NFL Teams Asking Manti Te’o to Sexually Assault a Woman to Prove He’s Not Gay

NFL teams are reportedly concerned that draft prospect Manti Te'o could be homosexual and are asking the former Notre Dame linebacker to clarify his sexual orientation. "We're ... Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Falls Over at the NFL Combine

He tripped on … wait for it … wait for it … the corpse of his fake dead girlfriend. ZING. Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o to Comment on Slow 40 Time as Soon as He Catches His Breath

Former Notre Dame standout Manti Te'o will reportedly speak about his plodding 4.82 time in the 40 at the NFL Combine as soon as he is no longer hunched over and gasping for air. ... Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o’s Intelligence Questioned After He Eats Wonderlic Exam

Manti Te'o's draft stock took another hit today after he scored a zero on the Wonderlic exam. The Notre Dame linebacker did not complete the exam because he ate it soon after ... Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o’s Katie Couric Interview: Auto-Tuned

Not nearly as terrible as that sounds. Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Hotel Sign

No imaginary friend limit either? That’s a great rate. Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Says He is a Chronic Bedwetter in Attempt to Create Less Embarrassing Narrative About Himself

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o told Katie Couric in his first on-camera interview since his fake girlfriend hoax was revealed that he is a chronic bedwetter who wears diapers ... Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Kiss Cam at Cavaliers Game

Whoa. Those women are naked. Continue Reading →

The SEC Even Wins at Football Girlfriends

Maybe parts of them are fake. Continue Reading →

Te’o Sex Position

Solo sex is the safest sex. Continue Reading →

Johnny Manziel is Letting Manti Te’o Borrow Some of His REAL Girlfriends

Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Does anyone know if Taiwan is real? Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Gives Credit for the Manti Te’o Story

Donald Trump wants to see Manti Te’o’s birth certificate. Continue Reading →

Proof Manti Te’o Met His Online Girlfriend

He loved her for her personality. Continue Reading →