Les Miles Knows the Power of Tweets

Les Miles is as entertaining as Nick Saban is loathsome. Continue Reading →

Louisiana: "LSU is the greatest team ever!"

I think we can all agree that the 2003 and 2007 LSU teams were huge crap heaps. Continue Reading →

Les Miles Grass Ad

How can anyone be hungry with so much grass in the world? Picky picky. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: LSU vs. Alabama

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Who is the best college football team in the country right now?

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LSU and Florida Fan Pole-Dance Together While Tailgating

Those fans don't look like they have SEC speed. Continue Reading →

Florida Has Very Poor Special Teams

It's not good when your best defense is the other team taunting you. Continue Reading →

LSU’s Keg Stand Grandma

She's geauxing to be the coolest lady at the retirement home. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: LSU vs. West Virginia

ESPN's "College GameDay" is in Morgantown, WV, for LSU vs. West Virginia. - – – – - Continue Reading →

LSU’s "Pans Labyrinth"-Inspired Gloves

Looks like Les Miles recently got a Netflix subscription. Continue Reading →

Suggested College GameDay Signs of the Week: Oregon vs. LSU

ESPN's College GameDay is at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex., this week for Oregon vs. LSU. - – – – - Continue Reading →

1980s LSU Football Fuddruckers Commercial

Remember, "you'll hit a home run." Like in football! Continue Reading →

LSU Leads the Nation in Boogers Picked

Nose picking is actually the official state pastime of Louisiana. Continue Reading →