VIDEO: Old LSU Fan Yells His Teeth Out During Arkansas Game

Hey, your dentures flying out while you scream expletives happens to the best and/or oldest and angriest of us. No shame. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: No One Pantses Opponents on the Field Like LSU

LSU: they eat grass and like to see ass. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Les Miles Shares His Thanksgiving Food Tastes

No grass in that final bite? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Les Miles Knows a Lot of Good Facts About Columbus Day

But what about Arbor Day? Is it like Arbor Day? Continue Reading →

SEC Baseball is Not for Kids

Is that about a new catcher’s glove? Continue Reading →

Tyrann Mathieu Just Trying to Not Get Arrested for a Few More Days

Tyrann Mathieu says he can't wait for the NFL Draft so he can begin his professional football career and also stop worrying so much about getting arrested. "This has been ... Continue Reading →

Les Miles is Very Emotional

That press conference was definitely not a flop. Continue Reading →

Classiest Fan Sign at LSU-South Carolina Game

Chances his wife has those proportions? Probably pretty slim. (Meaning not slim.) Continue Reading →

Who is your pick to win the BCS championship?

Continue Reading →

Alabama Basketball Fans Taunting LSU Football Team

SEC basketball games: Where SEC fans gather in the offseason to talk football. Continue Reading →

Crying Alabama Fan: Found!

He who cries first, doesn’t cry in a rematch. Or something. Continue Reading →

LSU Fairly Unhappy About Losing the BCS Championship

Good to see Chubby from "Teen Wolf" found a sport better suited to his size. Continue Reading →

Jordan Jefferson Rubs Spit on His Face

It's almost like this guy frequently makes bad decisions. Continue Reading →

Greatest Conference Ever Sets the Sport of Football Back 30 Years

LSU and Alabama, the two best teams from America's premier college football conference, faced off for the second time this season Monday night in the BCS title game. Over 60 minutes ... Continue Reading →

America is a Great Country Because Everyone Hates Nick Saban

One day we’ll probably find out that Nick Saban invented the BCS. Continue Reading →

Les Miles Knows the Power of Tweets

Les Miles is as entertaining as Nick Saban is loathsome. Continue Reading →

Louisiana: "LSU is the greatest team ever!"

I think we can all agree that the 2003 and 2007 LSU teams were huge crap heaps. Continue Reading →

Les Miles Grass Ad

How can anyone be hungry with so much grass in the world? Picky picky. Continue Reading →