PICTURE: Kentucky Residents Are Very Judgmental

So John Calipari, Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino = good? But college kids being excited about a win = bad? Got it. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The People of Georgia Don’t Like Bobby Petrino for Some Reason

Perhaps they weren’t impressed with his work at Western Kentucky? Continue Reading →

Shirtless Rick Pitino Gets His Louisville Tattoo

Neat. Now never take your shirt off in public again. Continue Reading →

Papa John Greatly Enjoyed Louisville’s National Title

He got so drunk he gave away two million free pizzas. Continue Reading →

Rick Pitino Sharts Pants Because of Confetti Cannons

His terror only lasted 15 seconds. Continue Reading →

Luke Hancock Hoping Final Four “Most Outstanding” Award Will Cause People to Pass to Him Now in Pickup

Fresh off winning the Most Outstanding Player award for his performance in the Final Four, Louisville's Luke Hancock is ready to take his game back to the pickup courts at the ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Ware on Letterman: “Top 10 Thoughts Going Through His Mind When His Leg Broke”

Fun Fact: Kevin Ware was born the year Letterman left NBC. Continue Reading →

Rick Pitino Gives the Finger to CBS Cameras

Maybe it was a special message to Karen Sypher. Continue Reading →

Louisville Fan Has Sign Zing for Florida

Just don’t let Will Muschamp see that sign or prepare to die. Continue Reading →

State Cop Assigned to Will Muschamp Prefers Charlie Strong

Policemen are like the refs of life. Continue Reading →

Replacement Officials Come to College Football

We are a divided country. Continue Reading →

Famous Final Four School Alums Make Their NCAA Picks

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Which Final Four team do you least want to win the NCAA Tournament?

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