LA Media’s 4,318th LA Kings Fail

You can call it a Lakers parade. But the Lakers still didn't win anything. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Does the Weather

There's an insane front moving in over Los Angeles. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Mental Health Video is Weird Even for Him

Well, he is known for his skateboarding. Continue Reading →

Drunk, Depressed Jack Nicholson Spotted Buying LA Kings Tickets

Academy Award-winning actor and Los Angeles Lakers superfan Jack Nicholson has been reduced to purchasing tickets to see the Los Angeles Kings after his beloved Lakers were bounced ... Continue Reading →

Probably Lineups for the NBA Western Conference Finals

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Blood-Spattered Kobe Bryant Insists Pau Gasol Flew Back to Spain as Soon as the Season Ended

Lakers star Kobe Bryant claims teammate Pau Gasol was not brutally murdered and, in fact, immediately flew home to Spain following Los Angeles' season-ending loss to the Oklahoma ... Continue Reading →

Matt Barnes and Russell Westbrook Have a Special Moment

Even in competition there is time for love. Continue Reading →

Pau Gasol Gives Very Friendly Hugs

That is an awesome Spanish custom. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peace Finally Gets the Perfect Name

He was always meant to be known as Lakers idiot. Continue Reading →

The Sacramento Kings are the 2012 NBA Playoff Darkhorses

I knew Jimmer would get them in the playoffs somehow. Continue Reading →

Lakers Leave Nuggets Fan Wide Open

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Clarification: Metta World Peace’s Foul was Not Fragrant

While not fragrant, he does appear to be having some issues with his undercarriage. Continue Reading →

NBA.com Gives Us the World Peace Headline We All Wanted to See

A player named Total Anarchy has been reinstated. Continue Reading →

Disillusioned Metta World Peace Changes His Name to Military Industrial Complex

Saying that he has a "new, more realistic outlook on the world," Lakers forward Metta World Peace officially filed paperwork today to change his name to Military Industrial ... Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Do Suck Too Much to be Included in Promos

It’s bad enough that their name was mentioned. Continue Reading →

Scenes from Kobe Bryant’s First Game as an NBA Coach

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Ron Artest > Metta World Peace

He may have just single-handedly ended the peace movement. Continue Reading →

Fun with Kobe Bryant’s Mask

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