TSN’s SportsCentre Doesn’t Like Laker Victories

How dare they speak ill of national hero Steve Nash? Continue Reading →

Bobcats Go 0-for-5 on Final Possession to Lose to Lakers

Maybe it was 0-for-4. No shame there. Continue Reading →

Looking Back at the Lakers’ Preseason Media Day

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Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers

Report: Lakers Decide to Panic

Following national media debate over whether it was time for the struggling Los Angeles Lakers to panic, the team reportedly did indeed decide to panic late last night following a ... Continue Reading →

Rockets’ Play-by-Play Guy Says Lakers “Poop their big boy pants”

It's called incontinence. Have some class. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref Channels Enrico Palazzo for Foul Call

You've now officially seen a lord a'leaping. Continue Reading →

Laker Scrub Robert Sacre is the King of Scrubs

Adam Morrison was never this scrubtacular. Continue Reading →

The Most Lakers Fans Ever

He also did that when his dad told him he could use his seats. Continue Reading →
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

Struggling “Lakers” Reality Show Picked Up for Remainder of Season

"Los Angeles Lakers," the L.A.-based basketball reality show, was picked up for the entirety of the 2012-2013 season after cast changes intended to make the series more exciting ... Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Airballs Free Throw

He's truly the next Shaq. Continue Reading →

Clipper Lamar Odom Says He Plays for the Lakers

He also often says he's married to Kim Kardashian. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash as Old-Timey General Store Owner

It’s clear now that he moved to L.A. for the movie roles. Continue Reading →

Kobe and A-Rod Texting During the Game

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If Kobe and LeBron Had Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

They’re both happy to see some sort of hairline return. Continue Reading →

Metta World Peach on Yo Gabba Gabba

They added Steve Nash and Dwight Howard AND they have a Gabbalympics medal winner? Unstoppable. Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Scores 68 Points in 15-Minute Chinese Charity Game

The charity raises money for Chinese people who can't play basketball. Continue Reading →
NBA Europe

David Stern Voids Dwight Howard-Lakers Trade for “I don’t know, it’s just fun being a dick” Reasons

Minutes after the four-team trade that sent Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers was agreed to by all involved parties, a cackling David Stern called Lakers general ... Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Trade to Los Angeles Kings

Well, he is Canadian. Continue Reading →