PICTURE: The Lakers’ “Star” Player is Getting More Pathetic

Even Kaman looks shocked to be picture there. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Steve Blake is Pathetically the Face of the Los Angeles Lakers

Dwight Howard is laughing at Steve Blake. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kobe Has Seen Enough of the Horrible, Kobe-less Lakers

He should probably start attending Clippers games so he doesn’t learn to hate basketball.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Nick Young Has Disastrous 360 Layup Attempt

It clipped the top of the backboard, so not an air ball! Nice work.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Xavier Henry Kills Withey

That poor Pelican. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Sobbing Guy Really Likes Kobe Bryant and Humiliating Himself

This is what it’s like to be a Lakers fan in 2013. Continue Reading →

Confirmed: Lakers Fans are Morons

The Lakers will win the Stanley Cup in their brains. Continue Reading →

Lakers Keep Asking Steve Nash if He Saw That Jason Kidd Retired

Steve Nash's cellphone lit up Monday morning. "I was working out and came back to my locker and saw my phone," said the Lakers point guard. "I had 20 voice mails ... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Wants to Know if the Los Angeles Lakers Will Win the Stanley Cup

In fairness, they have as good a shot at that as they do winning the NBA Finals. Continue Reading →

Lakers Still Confident They Can Turn Their Season Around

Despite no longer being in the NBA playoffs, the Lakers still believe they have time to turn their season around and win the franchise's seventeenth championship. "We haven't ... Continue Reading →

Matt Bonner Refuses to Look at Lakers Fan

It's one of Jack Nicholson's greatest performances yet. Continue Reading →

Mike D’Antoni Calls Timeout to Read Really Insightful Kobe Tweet

Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni burned his final timeout with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of Los Angeles' opening round playoff series against the ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Vows to Start Week 1 of the NFL Season, Has Painkiller Dosage Lowered

Kobe Bryant vowed in a rambling, barely coherent Facebook posting at 4 a.m. this morning that he will suit up for the Lakers at quarterback for Week 1 of the NFL season. "My ... Continue Reading →