Bear Grylls Throws Flaming Baseball

Amazing. I didn't know British people could throw. Continue Reading →

Scotch-Taped Upper Deck Falls Off Dodger Stadium Minutes After Team is Sold

Just minutes after Magic Johnson and his investor team signed the final legal documents transferring ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the entire upper deck of Dodger Stadium broke ... Continue Reading →

Tommy Lasorda Photo Will Give You Nightmares Forever

Is FUPA a sabermetric statistic? Continue Reading →

Rod Barajas Cradles Dee Gordon Like a Baby

After the way their season went, a little bit of insanity can be expected. Continue Reading →

The Official Jersey of the 2011 Los Angeles Dodgers

They’d sign Chapter to an above-market contract. Continue Reading →

10 Events That Led the Dodgers to Bankruptcy

*1. In 2004 Major League Baseball approves the sale of the Dodgers to Frank McCourt*, unaware that it was not Frank McCourt the wealthy author of "Angela's Ashes", but ... Continue Reading →

Dad of the Year is a Dodgers Fan

Another fine moment in the 2011 Dodgers season. Continue Reading →

The LA Dodgers’ May Promotional Schedule Shows How Broke They Are

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Andre Ethier Leads Baseball In Poor Hygiene

LA’s laundry guy probably hates him. Continue Reading →

Bud Selig Names Himself Dodgers Cleanup Hitter

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has made his first decision since taking control of the floundering Dodgers franchise, putting himself fourth in the lineup for tonight's ... Continue Reading →

"Dodgers Suck," Claims Plane

That plane knows baseball. Continue Reading →

Vin Scully Finally Comes Up With a Signature Catchphrase

Los Angeles Dodgers play-by-play man Vin Scully, entering his 62nd season behind the mic, says he has finally developed a catchphrase he hopes will make him famous. "I may be ... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dodgers Head Tattoo

It’s on the back of his head, so it’s easy for him to forget how bad it looks. Continue Reading →