Zack Greinke Has a Terrible Fighting Technique

Anyone who goes for the crotch deserves a broken collar bone. Continue Reading →

Hero Dodgers Fan Goes Headfirst for Foul Ball

Dodger legend rankings: 1) Jackie Robinson; 2) this guy. Continue Reading →

Tommy Lasorda Reads World Baseball Classic Tweets

Your browser does not support iframes. This is easily the most entertaining part of the World Baseball Classic. Continue Reading →

Who has been the best acquisition of the baseball offseason so far?

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Boston Fans Still Sure the Red Sox are Wicked Awesome

Who ah the fackin’ Dahwjuhs? Continue Reading →

LA News Lady Curses at Vin Scully

In her career she has seen that one report in which she cursed. Then she got fired. Continue Reading →

Kirk Gibson Bobblehead is a Pervert

Fist-pumping. Sure. That's what he tells his mom. Continue Reading →
Los Angeles Dodgers batter Andre Ethier reacts in the dugout after he struck out against the New York Mets during their MLB National League baseball game in New York

Ten Dodgers Hitters Combine for No-Hitter

The Los Angeles Dodgers achieved the fourth no-hitter of the season Friday night as 10 Dodgers hitters combined to not get even a single bloop single through nine innings. "No-hitters ... Continue Reading →

Dodgers’ Justin Sellers Visits Fans After Making the Catch

Your browser does not support iframes. Players are more friendly since Magic Johnson took over the team. Continue Reading →

The World’s Most Confusing Triple Play

Your browser does not support iframes. The Padres want the umps to rule "Wha? Totally not fair, man!" Continue Reading →

Bear Grylls Throws Flaming Baseball

Amazing. I didn't know British people could throw. Continue Reading →

Scotch-Taped Upper Deck Falls Off Dodger Stadium Minutes After Team is Sold

Just minutes after Magic Johnson and his investor team signed the final legal documents transferring ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the entire upper deck of Dodger Stadium broke ... Continue Reading →

Tommy Lasorda Photo Will Give You Nightmares Forever

Is FUPA a sabermetric statistic? Continue Reading →

Rod Barajas Cradles Dee Gordon Like a Baby

After the way their season went, a little bit of insanity can be expected. Continue Reading →

The Official Jersey of the 2011 Los Angeles Dodgers

They’d sign Chapter to an above-market contract. Continue Reading →

10 Events That Led the Dodgers to Bankruptcy

*1. In 2004 Major League Baseball approves the sale of the Dodgers to Frank McCourt*, unaware that it was not Frank McCourt the wealthy author of "Angela's Ashes", but ... Continue Reading →

Dad of the Year is a Dodgers Fan

Another fine moment in the 2011 Dodgers season. Continue Reading →

The LA Dodgers’ May Promotional Schedule Shows How Broke They Are

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