DeAndre Jordan Goes Around Farting on Everyone

That used to be a metaphor for the Clippers. Continue Reading →

Clipper Lamar Odom Says He Plays for the Lakers

He also often says he's married to Kim Kardashian. Continue Reading →

Jamal Crawford Breaks Rudy Gay’s Ankles

Let's hope Gay has health insurance. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Tells 1997 Self to Not Wear Jean Shorts

He should have told Taylor Griffin to focus on academics. Continue Reading →

Ronny Turiaf with the Most Clippers Play Ever

Get blocked, get dunked on. You're now officially a Clipper. Continue Reading →

The Sacramento Kings are the 2012 NBA Playoff Darkhorses

I knew Jimmer would get them in the playoffs somehow. Continue Reading →

Reggie Evans Gets a Technical for a High-Five

That ref is probably fun at parties. Continue Reading →

All She is Saying: "Refs Be Fair"

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Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Draws 360, Windmill, Over-the-Back Foul

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin brought the Staples Center crowd to its feet last night with a high-flying, acrobatic flop that drew a foul and sent him to the line. "Most ... Continue Reading →

Zach Randolph Wants to Kill and Eat Chris Paul

He does kind of look like a gummy bear. Continue Reading →

Reggie Evans Wins the NBA Flop of the Year Contest

And we all thought this was Blake Griffin's award to win. Continue Reading →

7 Highlights Suggesting Blake Griffin Sucks at Basketball

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Blake Griffin Wants Foul Called for Hitting Himself in the Face

That's a flagrant on himself. Continue Reading →