VIDEO: Chris Paul Takes a Kung-Fu Kick to the Face from Tony Allen

That’s just small payback for all of Chris Paul’s crotch attacks over the years. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Airballed Another Free Throw

In Lob City, they even shoot their free throws as lobs to the basket. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref Trips and Falls Over Tony Allen

More like … wait for it … officLOL!!! Continue Reading →

Chris Paul Returns to His Flopping Ways

It will always be Flop City first, Lob City second. Continue Reading →

Brandon Knight Fails Greatly at Preventing a DeAndre Jordan Dunk

Jordan > Jordan. Continue Reading →

DeAndre Hurls Up an All-Timer of a Terrible Free Throw

He should challenge Dwight Howard to an intra-city suck-off. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Taps Chandler Parsons in the Unmentionables

They were just mentioned. Hmm. What now. Continue Reading →

Wes Matthews Fairs Poorly on Jamal Crawford Crossover

You can't be humiliated if you don't even try. I guess. Continue Reading →

Caron Butler Blocks Shot Off of Referee’s Face

This is the best way to deal with NBA refs. Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Really Enjoy Blake Griffin Sucking

He should learn some non-dunk shots. Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Enjoy Blake Griffin Sucking

They must be angry Kia owners. Continue Reading →

Clippers Impressively Miss Four 3-Pointers in One Possession

Never change, Clippers. You never have. Continue Reading →

DeAndre Jordan Goes Around Farting on Everyone

That used to be a metaphor for the Clippers. Continue Reading →

Clipper Lamar Odom Says He Plays for the Lakers

He also often says he's married to Kim Kardashian. Continue Reading →

Jamal Crawford Breaks Rudy Gay’s Ankles

Let's hope Gay has health insurance. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Tells 1997 Self to Not Wear Jean Shorts

He should have told Taylor Griffin to focus on academics. Continue Reading →

Ronny Turiaf with the Most Clippers Play Ever

Get blocked, get dunked on. You're now officially a Clipper. Continue Reading →

The Sacramento Kings are the 2012 NBA Playoff Darkhorses

I knew Jimmer would get them in the playoffs somehow. Continue Reading →