Steeplechase Runner Forgets There Are Hurdles

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Gold Medal for Best Gymnastics Mustache

He worked his whole life for that Olympic mustache. Continue Reading →

Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps Agree to a Match Race in a Marsh

The two dominant Olympic athletes of the 21st Century are set to decide once and for all which man is the fastest in the world. Swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt will ... Continue Reading →

The Next Summer Olympics Sport

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Men’s Doubles Tennis Gets Graphic

Good teammates help each other out. Continue Reading →

Michael Phelps Has a Revelation

Greatest female athlete ever. Continue Reading →

Queen Elizabeth II: Breakout Star of London 2012

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Nice Korea > Naughty Korea

This would never happen in a country that controlled its media properly. Continue Reading →

Sometimes Weightlifting Makes You Pee

The lifter after her will really enjoy that. Continue Reading →

James Harden Has Ankles Broken by a Nigerian Basketball Player

In his defense, he might be diving. Continue Reading →

Belarus Trampoline Coach Has Amazing Hair

They’re called Belarussian Bangs. Continue Reading →

Ryan Lochte Did Not Medal in Brains

Wait, so Michael Phelps is supposed to be the pothead? Continue Reading →

Hipster Glasses Come to the Olympics

The Olympic rings have no lenses. Continue Reading →

Swimming Can Sometimes Look a Little Male Porn-ish

NBC should tape delay this until 2 AM. Continue Reading →
Flag bearer Mariel Zagunis of the U.S. holds the national flag as she leads the contingent in the athletes parade during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium

The 8 Athletes in Every Olympics

The Choker This person has trained her entire life for this day. Never had a slice of pizza, never drank a soda, never stayed up later than 10:00 p.m. All for this one day, this one ... Continue Reading →

Weightlifting Lady Pits

Her pit hair gives her strength like Samson. Continue Reading →

Olympic Elbow Dislocation

He wins the gold in Excruciating Pain. Continue Reading →

Olympic Divers on the Toilet

For world class athletes, they must have terrible diets. Continue Reading →