Study: Olympics Failed to Stop War Again

A study of current world event suggests that this summer's London Olympics completely failed to foster a peace and understanding among all nations. "We were hoping this would ... Continue Reading →

Girl from “McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed” Meme Reportedly an Accomplished Gymnast

According to a recent interview with McKayla Maroney, the angry, twisted face girl who gained fame for the "McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed" meme that swept the Internet ... Continue Reading →

August’s Funniest Sports Videos

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The Most Tender Moment of the Olympics?

Do not question effective training techniques. Continue Reading →

London 2012 Olympians: Where Are They Now?

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Synchronized Swimmer Faces Set to Music

This is basically just synchronized swimming. Continue Reading →

McKayla Maroney Now in Charlie Brown Form

She would pull the ball on Charlie Brown and then beat him to death with it. Continue Reading →
Olympics Day 4 - Gymnastics - Artistic

London Having Huge Yard Sale of Used, Obscure Athletic Equipment

Olympic athletes have cleared out of London, but in their place are thousands of bargain hunters looking for deals on all of the Olympics equipment for sale on the streets throughout ... Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Loses to Armenian Wrestler in Olympic Unibrow-Off

In wrestling, it’s legal to grab someone by the unibrow. Continue Reading →

Mike Krzyzewski Can’t Jump

So much for the stereotype about Polish people being great leapers. Continue Reading →

Olympic Wrestler Does the Old Head-in-Ass Move

Looks like he pinned his taint. Continue Reading →

How can American Olympians maintain their current level of fame?

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Post-Olympics Newspaper Headlines from Around the World

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Bob Costas with the USA Olympic women's gymastics team

Desperate NBC Announces 2012 Fall Olympics in Dayton, Ohio

NBC announced at a hastily arranged press conference this morning that it will broadcast the new 2012 Fall Olympics this October from Dayton, Ohio. "People really love the Olympics ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Pictures from London 2012

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Spanish Basketball Fan Enjoying Some Sort of Wiener

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UNITED STATES - JULY 23:  Gymnastics: 1996 Summer Olympics, USA

Everything is Better with Synchronized Swimmer Faces

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Olympics PhotoBomb

What non-sport is this guy PhotoBombing at? Continue Reading →