VIDEO: Lingerie Football Coaches Not Getting More Subtle with Their Expletive-Laden, Ass-Related Tirades

Lingerie football players getting it in the ass. (Editor’s Note: The proceeding sentence written for search engine optimization.) Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Seattle Mist Coach Takes Lingerie Football Very Seriously (NSFW Language)

They don’t walk in Seattle probably on account of all the caffeine they drink.  Continue Reading →

Lingerie Football League Remains as Classy as You’d Hope

In real football, that's a 15-yard penalty for rapidly rubbing your grundle on a players face. Continue Reading →

Another Classy Moment in Lingerie Football History

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Crushing Hit in Lingerie Football League

You have to respect that ballcarrier as much as you can respect an LFL player. Continue Reading →

Lingerie Football All-Star Game Gets Fighty and Cursey

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Inside the Lingerie Football Tryouts

Objectification is always better than ignoring someone. Continue Reading →

Wardrobe Malfunctions Come to the Lingerie Bowl

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Lingerie Football Fight! Lingerie Football Fight!

In my dreams it's a lot more oily. Continue Reading →

Lingerie Football is Less Sexy When it Includes Gruesome Injuries

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